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Sandra Stupar and Dusica Gačić

Loud. It was so loud that you could hear the voice soaring far beyond the next mountain, it rang from village to village...


Traditional Serbian 'a capella' songs are heavily influenced by the geography of its respective home regions. It is a truly extraordinary vocal power. In Serbia, this kind of music is called 'Ethno-music '. It is not to be confused with 'Starogradska', the urban Serbian folk music, and 'Turbo-folk', a contemporary neo-folk style that is a mix of traditional music elements and pop that became popular during the collapse of the former Yugoslavia.  'Ethnic' music was relegated to the background in the former Republic but in the last twenty years it has seen a resurgence in popularity. 

Duni mi duni Ladjane

Cije je ono devojce